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Making a Difference: The Story of Let's Go Group's Impact on Their Community

Have you ever heard of a bathroom renovations company that goes above and beyond by also serving the community? Let us introduce you to Let’s Go Group, a company founded by Michael McKeever, which believes not only in treating everyone’s home like their own but also in giving back to the community.

Initially starting as a modest painting company, Let’s Go Group has grown to encompass six sectors and counting, providing turnkey premium services with dedicated project managers and complete transparency. One of their most significant community-focused initiatives is their support for St. Ultan’s community school, which helps disadvantaged children by providing them with free facilities and education. Michael believes in the power of giving and aims to help expand St. Ultan’s model into other communities.

Creating a platform for funding and supporting the community

Michael had a greater purpose in mind when starting Let’s Go Group. He wanted to create the Let’s Go Foundation, a platform for funding and supporting his community. One of the places the Let’s Go Foundation has supported is St. Ultan’s community school. 

This school assists disadvantaged children by providing them with free facilities and education to give them a good start in life. The Let’s Go Foundation aims to help expand that model into other communities.

Image of the front of the School Saint Ultans in Dublin

Let’s Go Group, under Michael’s leadership, supports St. Ultan’s in various ways, including donations, bringing awareness to the service, volunteering their time, and providing necessary work if required. They also sponsor several sports clubs, and Michael himself coaches a boxing club in his local area.

Michael’s dedication to giving back and serving others has positively influenced Let’s Go Group’s reputation and relationships with customers. He believes that giving back to the community is a duty we all have as humans. Without this aspect in our lives, we have not truly lived.

His support for St. Ultan’s is long-term because it is what he holds closest to his heart. St. Ultan’s was established for Michael’s family and another family when his mother passed away when he was a child. It is a crucial resource in every community, as it helps and serves underprivileged children. His goal is to help the school grow and spread its positive impact to more communities.

Let’s Go Group is more than just a bathroom renovations company that provides a unique selling point like one-week bathroom transformations. It is a company that spreads joy and hope to those who need it most. Michael McKeever’s dedication to his community and his support of St. Ultan’s is a model for how businesses can make a difference.

So, the next time you’re looking for a bathroom renovation company, consider Let’s Go Group. Not only will you receive top-notch service and experience their unique selling points, but you’ll also be supporting a company led by Michael that is making a positive impact on the community. Experience Michael McKeever’s vision in action, and let your renovation project contribute to a greater cause.

Would you like to help Let's Go Foundation support St. Ultan's?

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