Let's Go Group


All work/repairs are fully guaranteed for one year from the date of works completion, copy of signed works schedule accompanying payment in full receipt validates all guarantees. Let’s Go Painting and Renovations trading as Let’s Go Group will at their discretion move items of furniture and rehang pictures etc, should it be required, however, this is strictly on the basis that it is entirely at the risk of the client and no responsibility can be accepted for any damage or loss caused by/to such items of any description.
Upon completion of works, the client may at their own cost and discretion compile one full and final snag list on any works carried out by Let’s Go Group to finalize the project. This job has been costed as a whole and should any items of works be removed from the list following commencement Let’s Go, Group, reserve the right to give refund or deduction. Unless previously specified all works carried out on a like for like basis. If the client has requested works other than those covered in the claim the client understands that they may be liable for additional charges, Let’s Go Painting & Renovations cannot be held responsible for the omittance of aspects of work which may be required, that were not known or visible on previous inspections.
Payments are due to Let’s Go Group within 10 days of cheque being issued from insurance company, where no cheque is due to be issued payment is due upon receipt of invoice failure to pay within the specified time frame may result in additional charges being applied. This works schedule is entirely for the use of the above-named person and will differ from any costing furnished to your insurance provider. The term claim settlement refers to the settlement prior to the deduction of any policy excess* Signing of quotation signifies acceptance of these terms.